The Yin and Yang Of Economic Systems in Modern World

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Yin and Yang depict equilibrium. They are complementary forces balancing each other. Like the sun and the moon. Like male and female. Like life and death. Though completely opposite in nature, these elements individually have their own uniqueness. And they need each other as their balancing element to stop their power from going out of control.

Similar are our economic systems, they are all-powerful, all capable of running a country for ages but they need a balance to stop their power from going out of control. We are in an…

My cousins lost their grandmother a few days ago. I didn’t know what to do or say. I had not seen her for almost 10 months due to Covid social distancing norms. We took all precautions. Yet we lost her.

I wasn’t sure how am I supposed to react to this situation. I was speechless, I was in pain. But not as much as my cousin or her mother, father. They had lost a parent. I didn’t have the courage to talk to them. I didn’t understand how can I participate in this situation when I cant meet them.


Know Hong Kong like never before for its beauty, less explored attractions, unending list of activities and cosmopolitan food

Tai Long Wan Beach, Hong Kong

Have you ever slept under a pitch-black sky, with sounds of waves, the sight of twinkling stars & greenery everywhere, enclosed on 3 sides by mountains and on 4th by a never-ending sea? A group of friends, some music, some food, preparations for barbeque, and installing your tent? Tai Long Sai Wan, you were a paradise land for me, an unforgettable memory that is etched in my heart forever.

Tai Long Sai Wan is the best camping site in Hong Kong…

Angkor Wat, Siam Reap, Cambodia

My partner decided to surprise me for my birthday last year and booked a deal for Siam Reap, Cambodia. His reasons were to the point, we needed a break, some rest, an affordable holiday, and what better than visiting one of the neighboring countries of Hong Kong.

Being a research alcoholic and a google disciple, I decided to find all the good places in Siam Reap. And to my surprise, my research ended quite early as every blog talked about The World Famous Heritage site “Angkor Wat”. However, if you google about any other activity in Siam reap; they all…

Priyanka Jain

A philosopher at heart who loves to share experiences “direct dil se”. An MBA professional who loves trying everything new and wants to fly like a free bird.

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